Playback control via Bluetooth headset


as the title suggests, I’m trying to get playback control from my Bluetooth headset to work in ‘all’ applications. I’m using KDE Plasma and want it to work for various applications, especially Guayadeque and video playback in Firefox would be nice. (I’m running Tumbleweed but I don’t think it is relevant for finding an answer to this question)
Here’s what I found out so far: The headset sends the appropriate command. I’ve found this out by opening the Desktop settings and when reassigning the Global Keyboard Shortcut for ‘Media Controller’ I pressed the button and actually got ‘Media Play’ for starting playback.
This way it is already working with VLC. I’ve tried to explicitly set the shortcut inside Guayadeque but can’t change the defined shortcuts at all. I’ve also resorted to Amarok which told me that ‘Media Play’ is not supported by QT5 applications.

So, I guess there are two possible solutions: Either there is some way to make any application listen to the headset command directly or there is some way to make all relevant applications listens to commands from the KDE ‘Media Controller’.
Does anyone have any suggestions how to make this work?

Thanks for any help!

You can control where output goes by a per application via pavucontrol. You need to install it.

Thanks for the reply but it’s beside the point of what I meant to ask. The audio routing is working completely fine. What I’m concerned with is controlling the audio playback without touching the keyboard but instead using the buttons on my Bluetooth headset.

It does send commands which are understood by the Plasma shell but afterwards they don’t get ‘forwarded’ to the proper application (i.e. Guayadeque)

Hope that clears it up some.



And it seems, I’ve found the solution myself:

In order to control i.e. Guayadeque and YouTube playback in Firefox, I’ve just had to enable ‘Media Player (Automatic Load)’ in the System Tray Settings. Now I can Start/Stop playback, as well as skip to the next track.

Thanks for sharing your solution.