play wma files ?


i installed all codecs i could find (incl. w32all) but i can’t play wma files using Amarok or Smplayer. What am i supposed to do ?


Try playing them with xine or vlc. I find those will play a .wma on a 32-bit PC.

I also found MPlayer on a 32-bit PC would not play .wma files, but when I reported this to the Packman packagers, they noted to me they could not reproduce the problem.

I have no problem with .wma apart from the fact they are rubbish
But they play OK

I can play them too on my 64-bit PCs. But not on 32-bit with MPlayer (only with vlc and xine). I do not know the reason why, but I suspect if I did make a mistake (on the 32-bit) its a systemic mistake as it has effected 3 PCs and 4 partitions.

I actually only ever use amarok.
But I just fetched a .wma from my server to try on my 32 bit laptop
It plays in mplayer and everything else I have installed.

OK, thanks for checking that. It appears Packman packagers finally fixed the problem with the 32-bit MPlayer.

I note that

  • can play .wma
  • can NOT play .wma and only gives static

I’ll post to the Packman Packagers mailing list and note they “finally” fixed it. :slight_smile: