Play "what you hear" to DLNA

Have an account with a music streaming service ( that has an app for phones and can also be streamed through a browser. Pretty good quality (up to 320kps MP3). Looking for a way to output this on the DLNA equipment I have (specifically Pioneer VSX-922). Trouble is none of the apps/browser plugins are DLNA aware (by design?), so not real easy to get out there.
On my Android, have a (fairly unreliable…) app (airstream) which will play whatever is being played, to the device.
Wondering if there is anything (either suse, or generic linux) that will do the same?
The main issue is the capturing of whatever is playing.
Any thought appreciated!
Thanks, John.

off the top of my head XBMC would probably do what you want.
I’m sure there are others - perhaps Totem?

Have installed XBMC, but cant figure out:
1/how to grab what’s playing in another app (ie Browser) and
2/ how to then play that to my amplifier…?
Help please…

in XBMC you’d be looking at the UPnP server
It’ll only work if there is a addon for XBMC (you’ll need to check)