Play video file using ffmpeg V5

Is there a way to play a video file using ffmpeg 5+?
ffplay is not found, and apparently only available in ffmpeg

@hornetster ffmpeg-5 is available in the repos?

Standard tumbleweed install - that’s what I have…

It is in the standard Tumbleweed OSS repository. Just use

zypper in ffmpeg-5

If you want to use the GUI just search for ffmpeg-5 in yast2-software.

Or use the packman repository if you don’t want to use ffmpeg-5 from the standard Tumpleweed repo…

This basic search task shouldn’t be that difficult for a “Busy Penguin” … :wink:

As I said (or inferred…), I HAVE ffmpeg5, which appears to not have ffplay, and was asking about ‘how to play’ a video…

@hornetster where does ffpmeg5 come from?

cnf ffplay
Program 'ffplay' is present in package 'ffmpeg-5', which is installed on your system.

Absolute path to 'ffplay' is '/usr/bin/ffplay'. Please check your $PATH variable to see whether it contains the mentioned path.

Is /usr/bin in your path?

Changelog of ffmpeg-5

2022-12-12 - Dirk Müller <>
2022-12-08 - Callum Farmer <>
2022-12-06 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Drop BuildRequire on SDL2 to break a dependency loop; with this,
/usr/bin/ffplay is no longer built.

I just checked my system and ffplay is nowhere to be found.

@hornetster use gst-play-1.0 as an alternative.

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