Play Rainslick precipice of darkness on intel graphics

Although the game, both episode 1 and 2, played really well on my nvidia equipped desktop, I could not get it running on my intel equipped laptop. Being a Suse user I tried looking here first, but sadly no answer was found.
A quick google revealed that several other linux users were struggling with the same problem. After reading through a number of sites I found the fix to the problem and got the game running….so in case there are other Suse users, with intel graphics, that would like to run the game. Please do the following:

Install driconf

Run the program and enable “s3 texture compression” on the second tab. Voila the game can run.

Great tip. I’m sure intel graphics users will benefit from this utility. I wonder if driconf can assist with other acceleration issues?

A webpin search (for openSUSE 11.2) reveals it available from

Index of /repositories/home:/Lord_LT/openSUSE_11.2

It would be good if those with intel graphics chipsets could test this further and report back here.