Play Music from iTunes share with Amarok (daapd) on 11.2

Hello Everyone

For security reasons, I bought a NAS where I can store my data on a RAID

  1. This NAS also supports iTunes shares (including playlists) and on
    iTunes this share showes up. Since I dont like iTunes :wink: and since I am
    mostly running on Linux, Amarok is my choice (2.2)

My problem is that I cannot see the share in Amarok. I found several
articles and it should work since 2.1. Some links mention that I should
add a “device” and there I should be able to see the share but I cant
find this option.

Another article says something about mt-daapd but this package is not
available in Yast (I have some additional repositories).

Any ideas what I need to do to play music from my itunes share?