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Who know does openSuse 11.4 for x64 have problem with flash video? So I have used Ubuntu and i saw that flash video is very slowly on high resolution? it’s terrible. After I installed the last driver for my video card situation has improved. But not so good as i wish. And now I want to know how good situation in OpenSuse. And I will be glad if somebody will tell me Does OpenSUSe have adobe flash pleer for 64x or 32x? Because on site of Adobe i have read that Adobe issued beta version of Flash Player for Linux x64 but Ubuntu use version for 32x, i don’t know how long this situation will not change. Thanks for you answeres.

Configuration my computer:
AMD X64 3800
RAM 2048
Video card Nvidia Geforce 240

Maybe your drivers of graphics card have problems
Open a terminal and write these

# zypper lr -d

Post the output.

It’s a common problem and adobe are mostly to blame and they ain’t doing much about it…
Full screen flash should work pretty well, but if you go HD expect trouble

I do not know Mr caf4926, we had the same problem in Hellas subforum with flash player and only resposible were the drivers of nvidia. Now I am thinking maybe it is the version of flash player.

Full-screen Flash works well for many on 64bit openSUSE using the 32bit version, and it is updated with the latest security fixes. I use it regularly on a 64bit Intel chipset with integrated graphics and no problems for an hour or more at a time.

How well it works for you will depend on your system hardware including graphics card/chip, the speed of your broadband connection, and whether your internet connection maintains a high enough speed consistently over the period Flash video is running.

What do you mean by “high resolution”? What resolution, or are you referring to HD (High Definition)?

I think maybe the problem is the 64bit version of flash player.
About drivers I am a bit suspicious

# zypper lr -d

Post me the output.

If you are referring to HD video over the internet, your success will also depend on which service provider or source is streaming the video and whether your broadband connection can cope with it. HD video streaming works well here, but I do get the occasional transient problem if broadband transmission faulters. Have a look at this page on Wikipedia, in particular the section and table under “HD on the World Wide Web/HD Streaming” further down the page:

HD on the World Wide Web/HD Streaming

That will give you some idea of the consistent broadband speed you will need to obtain for HD video over the internet.