Plasmashell very occasionally becomes unresponsive after closing a window.

Very occasionally plasmashell becomes unresponsive immediately after closing a window.

Looking for any pointers as to how I can debug this.

I started seeing this after the update to plasma 5.4.0

I’ve only seen this happen 5-6 times. On each occasion it was after closing a maximised non-KDE application window. (Firefox and libreoffice Writer, although that may just have been coincidence). I’m unable to ‘make it happen’, it appears very random.

Running top from a VT the system appears to be idle.

When it happens I have the following errors being continually logged: …

2015-09-26T12:03:10.533556+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1454.537998] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] fail set_domain
2015-09-26T12:03:10.533600+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1454.538040] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validating bo list
2015-09-26T12:03:10.533605+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1454.538053] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validate: -22
2015-09-26T12:03:10.570496+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1454.575164] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] fail set_domain
2015-09-26T12:03:10.570517+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1454.575171] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validating bo list
2015-09-26T12:03:10.570520+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1454.575178] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validate: -22
2015-09-26T12:04:59.923482+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1563.928953] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] fail set_domain
2015-09-26T12:04:59.923505+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1563.928959] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validating bo list
2015-09-26T12:04:59.923507+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1563.928963] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validate: -22
2015-09-26T12:06:06.329489+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1630.334818] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] fail set_domain
2015-09-26T12:06:06.329512+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1630.334825] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validating bo list
2015-09-26T12:06:06.329515+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1630.334838] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validate: -22
2015-09-26T12:06:06.356490+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1630.361839] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] fail set_domain
2015-09-26T12:06:06.356509+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1630.361845] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validating bo list
2015-09-26T12:06:06.356512+01:00 Orion-Tumble kernel:  1630.361852] nouveau E[plasmashell[1376]] validate: -22

… until I kill plasmashell.

Googling around those error messages found these:

which seem to suggest that it’s an upstream nouveau/kernel issue (although I don’t have the ‘read fault at’ error and there is no screen corruption), so I guess there’s little I can do anyway.

Maybe related to ?

Try disabling the “Transparency” effect.

Don’t think so in this case, it seems quite different… but…

Try disabling the “Transparency” effect.

I take it you’re meaning the “Translucency” effect (‘Make windows translucent under different conditions’). Nothing to lose, so I’ll disable it for a while and see how it goes.

Well, it seems to be about a screen refresh problem that causes closed windows to stay on the screen.
An “unresponsive Plasma” could be the cause of screen refresh/redraw problems as well I suppose.
And as it seems to happen when you close a window… :wink:

I take it you’re meaning the “Translucency” effect (‘Make windows translucent under different conditions’).

I just took that from the other thread, where it said “Transparency”…
But yes, it’s probably the “Translucency” effect.