plasmashell :very high usage CPU after snapshot 20170618

Just as a follow-up:

I’ve now updated to 20170626 and CPU utilisation by plasmashell is still (at the moment) < 1.0% after several test re-boots.

The “only” issue I still see is utilisation by kwin_X11 / X due to the slideshow wallpaper or “show seconds” on digital clock, as already reported.


after logoff/login the plasmashell now use a normal CPU %age (0.3%-0.9% when no activity up to 25% when starting the browser but return to low %age after load). I don’t see why the preceding session ended which such high CPU usage by plasmashell.
I have the feeling that sometime plasmashell is unable to stop some child processes and then the CPU usage grows and remains high.

Journalctl shows only one strange error

hpprol2 systemd-coredump[13606]: Resource limits disable core dumping for process 3668 (kactivitymanage).
hpprol2 systemd-coredump[13606]: Process 3668 (kactivitymanage) of user 1000 dumped core.

As far as I see this occurs when terminating a session (logoff)


I have this problem as well for about 2 to 3 weeks. I’m always on the lastest version. I didn’t notice any fluctuations though in the last weeks.
Hard to tell if it’s kernel or kde issue.

I uninstalled nouveau drivers but problem remains.
CPU usage of plasmashell does not go down after I detach monitor.

As a result my cpu is running very hot, I have times when everything just freezes and I have to hard reboot.

blacklisting nouveau didn’t solve it
black sold background also didn’t solve it
caching the images (see posts above) didn’t solve it

didn’t try the transparancy: false trick

I have the same problem, Leap 15.0.

Please start a new thread. This one is for Tumbleweed, your issue is with Leap 15.0