Plasmaoids disturbed after using a screen with a different resolution

I have a problem with the plasmoids: When i plug in a screen with a different resolution/ratio the plasmoids are disturbed. When i switch back to my normal laptop screen the plasmoids are not set back to their original place…This is just with screens of different resolution. Is there anyway to fix the settings?
Plus: The systrembar/systemtray is not correctly adjusted when i switch the screen

Laptop Screen (1920x1080) → Samsung Syncmaster (1920x1080) → no problem. Only when I use both screens at the same time, the windows are not correctly adjusted to the bars…The windows is bigger than the screen when i maximize them.

Laptop Screen → Beamer (1400x1050) → this setting is disturbing the desktop. This happens unfortunately with different beamer (i am present a lot…)

I must confess, that the screen controll was much better in Kde 4…


The numeric positions should be the same but it is all set from one corner of the screen you change res and the screen position change change because the scale is now different. And yes Plasma5 seems unfinished

Okay i was searching through the settings to find the option to set a fixed raster on the desktop, but couldn find it…There used to be a similar option in kde4, wasn’t it?

Okay so we have the problem, but is there a workaround for this problem?


…I also tried to with lowering the resolution of my normal working screen and the same problem appears…