when i install kapidoc the core kde5 libraries i have no desktop any more

i have to reinstall TW.

So what is wrong then

What exactly are you installing and how? There is no package kapidoc.

What’s zypper’s output about other packages that get changed?

i have the frameworks5 repositorie activated and there is kapidox core librarys

so i installed them en the desktop went black only the mouse pointer was there

And where did you install Plasma5 from? The standard repo I suppose…

You should not mix packages from KDE:Frameworks5 and the standard repos.
If you want to use KDE:Frameworks5, do a full switch to it. And probably give the repo a higher priority so zypper will prefer the packages from there.

But why don’t you just remove the KDE:Frameworks5 repo and install the kapidox package that’s included in Tumbleweed?

i did remove the repositories/KDE:/Frameworks5/openSUSE_Factory

and installed kapidox from the tumbleweed directory

the hole desktop is snappier now the few programs i work with open in less time.

even google is quicker when i click it .