Plasma5 problem with dual monitor


I use a dual monitor system, the left one ist connected via DVI and is the main monitor with the bottom panel and Folderview Desktop icons. the right one ist connected via VGA and acts as an extension to the right of the main monitor.
That worked fine with KDE4.
Now with plasma5, that doesn’t work anymore as described above. The first setup was ok, the left one was main monitor as before, but after the first reboot, the display switched. Now the VGA ist the one with Folderview and the icons and also had the bottom panel, the background wallpaper from the left side also switched to VGA. I arranged to switch the bottom panel to the left side, but the icons and the background picture still stay on the right side. I can add the widget Folderview to the left side, but after a logout, all settings for the left side (Icons and background) are gone. The bottom panel stays on the left side.
Any idea how to fix that?

Regards Uwe

The bottom panel should stay on the monitor that is selected as “Primary display” in the “Display and monitor” section of System Settings.