plasma5 konsole bug

I think I found a new plasma5 more precisely konsole5 bug
Can someone confirm it’s not me before I post a bug report at kde
to reproduce
start konsole5 from a menu, press ctrl++ a few times to increase the font, enter any commend
>ls -l
select the output, try to right click on it so you can copy it, konsole freezes.

ps anybody know how I can change konsole’s font, I remember in kde4 there was an easy way to do this.

edit I’m using plasma 5.5 from all updated

Tried it with both Plasma 5.4 and 5.4 without any problem. And you can change font with Settings / Edit Current Profile / Appearence.



Tanks I think it’s me, I notice a large delay in Dolphin when I delete a file, I was messing around with lxqt and kwin5 and I think I damaged a database, I’ll delete the kde5 settings files and try again.