Plasma Workspace - The KDE Crash Handler

I started the machine tonight only to be rewarded with this:

We are sorry - Plasma Workspace closed unexpectedly.

Then something about reporting the bug (didn’t work)

At the bottom:
Executable: kdeinit4PID: 3361 signal: 11 (Segmentation fault)

Then I get a straight black screen. Nothing seems to change that.

The funny thing is that suse boots - I can hear the music in the background.

The HDD is constantly running. The light is on and the disk is chattering.

What did I do now??? Why is it always me???

At the login screen do this to get a console login

Login with your username and password (passwords do not display as you type in console)

Now do this and hit enter

mv .kde4 .kde4-old

Now type: startx
hit enter

There is no login screen - there is nothing but blackness. Nothing but blackness…

You must have auto login enabled. Do it this way

At the grub boot screen do this


At the login prompt login with user name and password then do

mv .kde4 .kde4-old



You say the hard drive is chattering. Does it stop after some reasonable time? If it does not then this is a sign of a bad sector on the hard drive. Linux will try and read a bad sector until successful or the end of time ehich ever comes first.

Get a low level scan program from your disk manufacturer or a commercial program like Spinrite and do a low level scan and repair. If the scanner can not repair the sector then generally it will at least fix the checksum or replace the sector from a spare assuming the drive is not totally blown . But that leaves a hole in the file system and you then need to run chkdsk from a rescue log in. This in turn can lead to lost or unrecoverable files the pieces are found in Lost&Found.

Depending on the amount and location of the damaged sectors You may be able to recover whole files in Lost&Found. If the damage is on root then it is best to just bite the bullet and reinstall. If it /home you may be able to work around it. In your case it may be in .kde4. Once all above is done and you have a good drive again you can just rename .kde4 and start a new desktop layout.

I tried the login and startx. No go.

I got the same black screen with a white box on top that sez:

“Nepomuk Sematic Desktop needs the Virtuoso RDF server to store its data. Installing the Virtuoso Soprano plugin is mandatory for using Nepomuk.”



Please help me??



Things do not change without reason. Either you installed or did something to mess up the system or there is a hardware failure.

Do this boot from the CD/DVD Select Install then Repair. Run the diagnoses on the partitions.

Did you do

mv .kde4 .kde4-old


*Did you do

mv .kde4 .kde4-old


Yes I did. It went to a different (you might say “safe”) style of splash screen, then went black.

You say the hard drive is chattering. Does it stop after some reasonable time?

Yes it does. Suse is booting, I can hear the music. I just can’t see the display. :frowning: