Plasma workspace crashes after refreshing KDE4.3.1

Yesterday I updated my system to the latest level of KDE 4.3.1 in /KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1/. When I rebooted my plasma workspace would crash during system startup. The problem is related to google-gadgets, see

I guess you are making a statement here as opposed to asking a question. I don’t use Google Gadgets myself, perhaps not using for now is a temporary solution.

same crash here, but i dont use google gadgets…
i actually have it on multiple systems (3) so perhaps a general problem
all system use kde 4.3.1

I’ve had that pop up on me a couple of times, a restart or logout fixes it. You may have to do that 2-3times but for me after that 2nd reboot I haven’t had it sense. Must be one of those spooky computer things.

Here it crashes every 15 minutes (and most of time it recovers from itself). It happens with Debian, Ubuntu and Suse 11.2.
The version of KDE is 4.3.1 :wink:

Posted about plasma crashing after latest update elsewhere. I tried lots of things to get the desktop back with no luck until I saw this thread. For me, plasma crashed as it loaded so I had no desktop.

I logged in as root and plasma worked. Logged back in as user, hoping for one of those spooky computer things. But plasma still crashed on startup. I used krunner to get a konsole and zypper rm google-gadgets.

On reboot, plasma was back. Maybe a specific widget causes a problem that surfaces in kde 4.3.1 for other reasons when there are no google gadgets.