Plasma won’t load

I’ve installed Leap 15.0, and, having an Nvidia 980 card, I installed the nvidia G05 drivers. I was having problems with my screen freezing so I tried replacing the driver with G04 (I can’t tell from the descriptions the difference between them).

Plasma refused to load so I used Yast2 from the console to reinstall G05, but now that won’t work either. It says OpenGL won’t work and tells me to check my drivers. I’m now tearing my hair out because I can’t see anything that I could possibly change to fix it.

Any ideas for where I should look? Or suggestions for action.

(And I cant access my email, so I’m going to have to check on this forum to see if there are replies!)

Did you uninstall before reinstalling??? Best practice with NVIDIA these days is to remove the old diver before installing the new. 05 or 04 should be ok with that card.

Yast did a deinstall in order to install the new driver. I’m wondering what will happen if I deinstall completely.

Is is there anything that I can run as a diagnostic?

Reinstalled G04

This time it worked!

i have no idea what I did differently. Mysterious. But thanks for the encouragement gogslthorp. Not the first time you’ve come to my aid.

Incidentally, so far, G04 is running much more smoothly than G05 did. So I did have the right idea in checking it out. It’s just a pity that, somehow, I screwed something up in the process