plasma windows

can I arrange the windows in plasma 3D Desktop alike Win9?
I mean perspective sideview to page through?

Did you mean to refer to the Windows 7 Aero effects? If so are you referring to the Aero Snap feature where you can ‘snap’ two windows side-by-side and have them automatically scale their width according to screen resolution, or are you referring to Flip 3D where you can view all open windows and ‘flip’ through them like a book?

If so then I believe there is a way to enable a Flip 3D-like feature either in Desktop Effects or under Compiz (depending on which one you happen to use), I think it’s called Flip Switch or something along those lines. As for something to emulate Aero Snap, I am not aware of anything that’s available for that, although if anyone else knows a way to do this do please post it here so I can try it out.

If not then sorry to have wasted your reading time…and do please tell me what Win9 is and what it does.

Hope this helps.



Which came first kde4 or win7?

Did they release a load bug fix releases of trudy windows I don’t know about?

Desktop effects in windows is so much of an afterthought it isn’t even funny. And as for “plasma 3D Desktop alike Win9”
New one on me.

Windows 7 was released 22/10/09, not sure about KDE4. Initial reviews of Windows 7 are actually really good, I dual boot openSUSE with Windows 7 64-bit myself. As for your views on the Windows desktop effects, I would disgree as far as Windows 7 is concerned. The aforementioned Aero Snap, as well as another effect called Aero Peek, are actually moderately useful in my opinion. With Vista though, yes I would say that the Aero effects implemented there aren’t a great deal useful for some users.

i believe to have found that option but which keys do you use for this effect?