Plasma / Wayland etc. questions

Hi all.

I’m affected by a bug ( probably because of Intel HD graphics adapter.
Happens only in Plasma’s “normal” X mode, does not appear in “Wayland” or “Full Wayland”.

As I’ve read that Wayland will be X-server’s future, maybe not a bad idea to test early.

Can anyone explain (maybe a link to docs?) what’s the difference between the two Wayland modes?

2nd question: Both wayland modes seem to ignore Plasma autostart options, or treat them different. I’ve a script ~/.config/plasma-workspace/env/, contaning line line “ssh-add”, Plasma autostart option set to “execute before sessionstart”. Works fine in “normal” Plasma mode, opening an “enter pw” dialog. Does nothing in both Wayland modes. Any hints why?

Third, maybe unrelated: When I’m switching to any of the wayland modes, baloo starts to dump cores, each n seconds. Leaded to a corrupted baloo index, shown with GBs (!!) of lines like this in /var/log/warn:

org.kde.baloo.engine: PostingDB::put MDB_BAD_TXN: Transaction must abort, has a child, or is invalid

“warn” got GBs large, filled up until partition was full, even Plasma login anymore possible that time :-S
Logged in via virtual console, dropped baloo index, restarted indexing, dropped /var/log/warn.
Known issue, related to wayland or isolated onetime baloo issue?


That’s the wrong place for “ssh-add”. You can use a normal startup script for that. It does not need to be before session starts.

However, you actual problem is different. You cannot use “ssh-add” unless “ssh-agent” is already running.

With a normal X11 session, “ssh-agent” is being started as part of the session startup (before your startup scripts are invoked). In a Wayland session, this does not happen.

So you need a script to start “ssh-agent”, and it needs to go in “~/.config/plasma-workspace/env/” so that ssh-agent is started before sessionstart. You can run ssh-add as a normal startup script, and it should work as long as “ssh-agent” has already been started.

THANKS, arvidjaar and nrickert, for answering!