Plasma startup behavior

This is a somewhat trivial issue, but I suspect someone will know the answer:

I have four open Okular documents which I usually keep minimized to the taskbar for quick access.

When running Leap 15.x, when I restart a session, these documents appear still minimized to the taskbar, as desired. When I run the same /home partition in Tumbleweed, however, these documents all start up in “restored” windows, which I then need to minimize to get them off the screen.

Is there some setting that controls this behavior? I think it’s odd that Leap and Tumbleweed should behave differently operating with the same /home partition.

Tumbleweed has a newer version of Plasma. There are many changes in Plasma between Leap and Tumbleweed.

I’m liking most of those changes.

I can’t comment on your particular problem. I have my system configured to start from a saved session, and my saved session is fairly minimal.