Plasma Software Updates vs. Yast for Nvidia drivers

Plasma tells me to update the Nvidia drivers to 430. Yast’s Online Update doesn’t show the new driver, though the files are visible in Software/Software Management.
I hope someone can tell me why the two methods do not agree.

Install through Yast Software Management.

Yast online update only works for patches. A patch is a special kind of file with update directions. And typically the updated version goes in a separate “update” repo.

The main openSUSE repos use patches for updating. But most other repos don’t. So you need a different method of updating from those repos.

Many people find running “zypper up” at a root command line is a good way of handling those updates. Or you can use the update applet in the system tray.

Thank you. It’s great when an answer clarifies the situation completely.