Plasma options missing with certain themes.

Since installing 11.3 I’ve noticed that with certain Workspace themes the plasmmoids and panel have options missing:](

The theme in the screenshot is “Elegance” others have the same problem; “Oxyglass”, “Heron” & “Aya”. The panel has the resizing sliders missing. These were working ok in 11.2.

Is this the same for all or am I just the lucky one ?

Do you have any special KDE4-repos enabled? They might contradict.

I reported this some time back to no effect. Checking only the themes that come with openSUSE 11.3 I find that Eleonora and Glassified still have no icons, buttons or whatever they are in Folder View.

When I reported that these themes lacked the Folder View icons I was using KDE 4.4.81. I am now using 4.4.95. 4.5 comes out next week. Let’s see if the icons are back.

Hope that helps.