Plasma not starting with XServer but only with Wayland

Hi All,
I have a fully updated OpenSuSe Tumbleweed.
When I get the login page, if i put the password and try to login the desktop is stuck with the field to input the password.
I can still move the mouse cursor but I can’t click anything.
If I force a reboot and then select Plasma with Wayland I can login and get the Plasma desktop.

I tried again to do a distro update with zypper dup, and the first reboot after the update was booting fine.
But from the second update I got the same problem.

I have no idea of what is going on there.

I have a Nvidia card (no optimus, GT130M, a bit old) using Noveau drivers.


Good that you can at least boot Plasma with Wayland.

When the hang occurs, can you try Ctrl+Alt+F1? That should give you a terminal, log in and try to use commands like ps, top, or htop to see running processes and which process are taking a lot of time. You can go back using Ctrl+Alt+F7.

If Ctrl+Alt+F1 is not working anymore, it would be good to check the logs:

sudo journalctl --list-boots | tail

See which boot corresponds to the hang () and open the log using:

sudo journalctl -b <number> | tail

Scroll to the end and check for anything strange.

Unfortunately I can not open a terminal when the hang occurs.

I copied the log here: Tumbleweed hangs -
Do you see any relevant error? There are some crashes of sddm in the middle.
Consider that I had to force a reboot for the last messages.

Any idea?

Try switching to LightDM

su -
update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager

Sorry, I am out for work this week, I will try this the next week.
Thanks for your help!

It works with lightdm and xdm.
If I switch back to sddm it works the first reboot and then the issue is back.

Is there any way to fix sddm?

I won’t use SDDM for several reasons, including that it does not support VNC. Just stay with LightDM or XDM, then, if they work. I like LightDM, personally.