Plasma no waking after sleep

After I close my notebook while it’s running I can’t get back to the software I was using. I get a black screen and no key press or mouse movement seems to work. I end up having to shutdown by pressing the power switch and rebooting. Thanks for any advice.

Is this phenomenon right after a fresh installation? Or after some update? Please tell us as much as possible, not as less as possible. Now we have to conclude that this is just a wrath of the gods that fall out of the blue heaven.

The problem has existed since day one and there have been several updates. The power settings are in this link.

And specifically it was the wrath of Odin that caused it.

Better explain such important information from post #1 in a thread. Avoids a lot of assumptions (which can lead to wrong advice) or asking for them endlessly.

Instead of asking users to guess what happens during suspend try and show the journal. You need to enable persistent journal first, see " man journald.conf".

Thank you. A new area to investigate.

Along with the journal advice, provide graphics hardware/driver details (as that is likely a related factor)…

sudo inxi -U
inxi -GSa