plasma-nm 0.9.3 safe for opensuse 13.1 ?

plasma-nm team released these days a complete final solution to replace networkmanager .

is it safe to replace all networkmanager* and plasmoid-networmanagement packages by all plasma-nm* packages ?

what is the good method to switch to plasma-nm solution ?

The probably best answer to this question is: no.

What is ‘safe’?

Something tested is a bit safer.

openSUSE will be maintained.

There will be updates.

Even if you would manage to get plasma-nm running,
for sure there will be no automated updates for it.
It isn’t a part of openSUSE - and other major Linux distros either, as it seems.

So you will be on your own, without any ‘safe’ way.

That’s my best guess.

Good luck

i change my questions .

is there someone who experimented plasma-nm 0.9.3 with 13.1 ?

what is a good method to switch to plasma-nm ?

you say “It isn’t a part of openSUSE”, “there will be no automated updates” . Are you sure ?

in yast software manager i see that opensuse supplies plasma-nm 2013 10 18 from source “opensuse-13.1-oss” and plasma-nm 2013 11 28 from source “opensuse-13.1-update” .