Plasma Netbook panel streches/blocks entire screen

I have been playing around with the Plasma Netbook look, and when trying to move the top panel it resized across the entire screen, now all I can click is the panel itself with two options: add widget (widget choice appears behind panel) and lock/unlock panel.

I don’t care what happens to the panel or anything alike, but I want to keep the user.
I can’t click anything else as it is all behind the panel, I tried starting yakuake but it doesn’t open.

How can I shrink the panel such that I am able to use the desktop again, is there some console way of setting the desktop back to default or so. That would allow me to boot init 3 and switch back to normal.

any other ideas? It sound ridiculously stupid and is clearly a bug as I didn’t really want to resize the window and the fact that I can’t get it back is even better, as the resize button is below or next to the panel and the panrel stretches over the entire screen. The desktop still runs underneath as when I look at all 4 desktops in the overview I still see the empty desktop. rotfl!

many thanks in advance

trying this now: Reset KDE to default settings - Ubuntu Forums

that obviously worked