Plasma issues

My system:
openSuse Leap 15.0, Plasma 5.13.4, Frameworks, 5.48.0, Qt 5.11.1, Kernel 4.12.14

Recently, I discovered two weird behaviour of KDE Plasma.

  1. Click right mouse button on the application icon and selecting Properties opens properties window but is hidden in the taskbar. Must be selected and opened by clicking on it.

  2. On desktop I have a link to an application that exist no more (I deleted the application). There is only a name of the deleted application, no icon. However, when clicking on the place where the icon should normally be makes Plasma to freeze. Opened applications still run, I can use Ctrl-Esc, bu the mouse buttons are dead. Is there a key combination to kill the annoying behaviour but still remain in the working Plasma.

What’s the output from:

zypper lr -d

Use CODE tags for the output. You can generate CODE tags by clicking the “#” icon near the top of the edit window.

For the desktop icon problem, you could try (in a terminal window):

ls ~/Desktop

The chances are that there is a file there, probably with name ending “.desktop” that corresponds to the desktop icon. And just removing that file (with the “rm” command) might solve the problem.