Plasma icons and wallpaper changed suddenly


Today when I logged in my wallpapers were gone and all the icons in the desktop moved and some of them changed.
I’m using plasma 5.18.6
What may have happened?

Hard to guess. The wallpapers and icons are fine here.

I guess your settings are stored in $HOME/.config and $HOME/.local – perhaps something got corrupted there.

Im guessing it is because most of them are links to /usr/share/applications/* y there are some things that have dissapear from there

I’m not sure why those would disappear, unless you uninstalled the packages.

It’s not terribly unusual when Plasma behaves inexplicably that logging out of Plasma, deleting the content of ~/.cache/, then logging back into Plasma restores normalcy.

Today it has happened again.
I have deleted all contents in ~/.cache and logout out and login in again and the icons have not gone again to their place, but I will see if it happens again.

What has astonished me has been this

fernando@andromeda:~/.cache> du -sh .
39G     .

39GB of cache!!!

Much of that is probably images cached by browsers.

It’s around 2.5G here. But I do occasionally clean it up.