Plasma freeze, only for some users

Hi all,

I’ve some strange experiences on my Leap 15.1 PC.

This PC (Hardware is a Zotac ZBOX nano, from 2016, as far as I remember) was upgraded for several times, starting from 13.1.
My own user “michael”, profile also existing for years, is working “rock-solid” on this box.

My wife’s user, she is using this PC not very often, freezes every time. Some freezes coming very fast, sometimes after some minutes. But always!
Freeze means: Mouse could be moved, mouse pointer visible. But no click recognized. No Plasma related keystrokes processed.
ONLY keys “accepted” I’ve found are the switch to virtual console(s) e.g. ctrl+alt+f1. SSH access from other device also possible.

So a

    systemctl isolate && systemctl isolate  

prevents good luck a hard reboot.

Tried also to create (via yast) another, new user, Plasma default settings. Hangs also, same than my wife’s user!

So I’ve the strong feeling that it must be a plasma desktop (nowadays default) setting, maybe one of this hundreds of nice animation options when opening/moving/maximizing/pinning … windows. But no idea, which of them.
And, even more confusing, my wife and the new profile are seeing more options to be set in KDE/Plasma settings than my user is getting shown, maybe some combined, dependent options, no clue.

Any hints? As I would like to try a diff-based approach: Which are the Plasma config files responsible for the user specific desktop settings? There are so many plasma related files and folders, hard to find . Esp. on an “older” system with a kde4 history :slight_smile:

General question: Maybe a good idea to upgrade to 15.2 first, maybe issue will dissappear? But not sure if possible, I’m affected currently by, preventing my box to get zyppper patch-ed to the latest level. zypper up works fine.

Thanks in advance,

That’s worth trying. I don’t know if it will solve your problem. But it does include a significant plasma update.

But not sure if possible, I’m affected currently by 1173441 – icewm update cannot be installed, preventing my box to get zyppper patch-ed to the latest level. zypper up works fine.

All indications that I see suggest that uninstalling “icewm-config-upstream” is the best way to deal with this bug.

I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

well, as our SDB:System upgrade says “latest zypper up” and not “latest zypper patch” and as zypper up does NOT shows this icewm package, I hope I could ignore this. But uninstalling is probably more safe.

And GOOD NEWS, workaround found:

I’ve found the difference, with help of the #kde irc channel:

Compositor settings!

Default setting of “output module” was “OpenGL 2.0” -> freeze
My working profile was set to “XRender” -> stable and fine

Let’s see if OpenGL maybe will be supported for me in 15.2

Did you try OpenGL 3.1??

Also what graphics chip on that machine?

I had been experiencing this EXACT problem. My screen would freeze, and only “ALT+CTRL” commands could be used. I changed the setting of “OpenGL 2.0” to “XRender” and the screen freezes stopped. I tested “OpenGL 3.1” and the freezes occured much quicker than the 2.0 setting.

I have returned to XRender and no failures nor freezes.

FYI: Graphics Processor: Mesa DRI Intel® Ironlake Mobile