Plasma eat memory

I see Plasma eat memory. After my laptop has been on over days, Plasma use more and more memory. Now it used more than 920MB and my laptop have 1,2GB RAM.

I reboot to see how much Plasma should use and now after 3hours it only use 30MB, but if i keep it running it will eat more and more memory.

Anyone that know if Plasma have serious bugs?

I run OS11.1 and KDE4,2 RC1

Seems like plasma is leaking memory. My desktop has been running for more than 24 hours now and plasma here is using only 23 MB so far.

It’s better to report this to the KDE bugzilla

Plasma for me 10MB- been up only 18hrs since reboot on Laptop but in and out of s2ram

FF On the other hand 47MB

Is there cut of or to stop it to use more memory.What happen if I or you don`t use plasma:
How can I look into how much plasma eat my memory(I go to konsole and what I have to type … to see plasma eat my memory)
Thnx for your cooperation and your time.

you can use top or ps in console to check this, but KDE4’s system monitor is better for this, IMHO

Now after 24hours Plasma has gone from 30MB to 130MB. There is no dubt Plasma in KDE4.2 RC1 has a memory-bug.


But it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue in the forum.

My friends does anyone of you complain about that problem,if not I will go and complain about that.
That is very importend.

PS Plasma is has to do with KDE?

:open_mouth: How is responsible for Plasma???

Well I try to may it help a little and if someone can explain me how or what can do to stop eating all the memory the address is that helps us???

How can I find out what version of plasma I have on my computer?

in console

plasma -v

Thank you be so kind to help me out:) and soon is it solved I can`t waitlol!

Thise is for everyone How can I stop plasma to eat my memory - 1 and tnx :wink: