PLASMA - Desktop right click - items missing - I've tred to capture - can't

Plasma session; KDE5 I assume.

When I right click on the desktop, a menu pops up that has some settings and file or folder creation selections.

What I get is the popup, but everything from ‘Show KRunner’ up is missing,
I can’t create a file or folder or any thing the menu SHOULD offer on right click.

Where do I find the settings for that particular right click context menu? To hopefully get it full populated again.

Try using “Configure Desktop”. It should be in that menu from right-click.

In the next screen, near the top there is an entry for Layout.

One of the Layout choices is “Folder View”, and the other is “Desktop Containment”

From your description, it seems possible that you have accidentally switched to “Desktop Containment” which has a shorter menu and no desktop icons.

and DUH on me! Just have to move and remove some icons.