Plasma Desktop over KDestop 3.5

I just updated both my KDE 3.5.10 and KDE 4.5 today (OpenSuse 1.11). The problem that I have now is that the Plasma Desktop is loaded automatically after KDE 3.5 has started. So, depending on where I click or what I do, plasma and kdesktop fight for the control of my desktop.

I searched in every corners of my KDE 3.5 --and a bit in KDE 4 since somebody forced kdm4 on me-- but I haven’t found who or what starts “plasma-desktop”. Definitively not me! I can kill it safely but that’s very irritating.

If somebody could point me in the right direction to kill plasma on KDE 3.5, I’d be very thankful.

Not sure what the problem is but you do know that 3.5 is dead? ie no new development or bug fixes is being done.

Try adding a new user and see if the problem follows to a different account.

Somebody did this to you??? How many people have root access to this machine??

I found it! “plasma-desktop” hid itself in “~/.config/autostart/” Deleted!

That was the useful answer. I avoided talking about KDE 4 but since you brought the subject…

As for KDE 3.5 being dead, no. It will be dead when it will have not a single user any more. There are still updates as proven by Yast which found me a few RPMs that were brand new.

For the moment, KDE 4 will remove KDE 3.5 from my HD… over my dead body! I just hate the thing! I hate Plasma which suck up my CPUs, I hate the poor crippled Dolphin, I hate desktop widgets, I hate social networks, and I hate the cashew!

I don’t care if there are no development any more for KDE 3.5. I have all that I need, it works, and I’ve learned to leave with the minors bugs which happen from time to time. KDE 4 is pretty maybe but that’s all it has. Eyecandy without practical use.

Well my experience is that KDE4 runs better and faster here, I still have an option to boot to 10.2 KDE 3.5 and on the same hardware KDE4 runs better and looks better. YMMV