Plasma Crashing

I have just updated to KDE 4.2 last night. All was well untill I started the computer today and found that plasma keeps crashing.
As far as I can tell the cycle loops… the desktop starts, the system tray loads the clock, network manager etc. then after a couple of seconds of it all finishing the screen will turn black (sometimes white) and the desktop will load up again. I get a notice that plasma has crashed, but I must be missing some files as I am unable to run the debugging when I get the option. Even if I could debug, I don’t think it would have time to do anything before it crashes again.
Before updating to KDE 4.2 plasma was crashing just after starting up, but once it restarted was generally ok for a little while.

I am using opensuse 11.1 with KDE 4.2 (stable I think)

I have found that KDE 3.5 and other window managers are working fine, but they just don’t do it for me.

Anyone able to help?



What happens if you rename the .kde4 folder in your home directory to .kde4old? Then log out and in again. That will let it start with fresh settings.

Use this command if you can’t actually get in to kde:

mv /home/username/.kde4 .kde4old


Mate! that worked a treat. Thanks for that.
Something must have corrupted somewhere along the line.

To fix plasma crashing you don’t need to rename whole .kde4 directory.

You only need to remove files in .kde4/share/config/ with plasma in it’s name.