Plasma crashing on using Touchpad and two-finger scrolling, with snapshot 20180312

After installing snapshot 20180312, the Plasma (12.3) session crashes or terminates suddenly back to the DM’s login screen (and loss of wifi connection) almost every time using two-finger scrolling. This is so frequent as to render the desktop unusable. Single-finger movements of the cursor can also cause the problem since around snapshot 20180308 but only occasionally.

This is a laptop with integrated intel GM45 chipset graphics (intel driver i915) and no display issues since Plasma 5.8.x on TW. Yes, I know it’s not the very latest snapshot - held off for other reasons.

Anyone else seeing this problem or similar?

I just googled up a similar issue albeit for Gnome and Arch Linux:, that happens to be about the right timescale for the emergence of my issue and which points to this thread:; that is close to the problem but for Gnome and points to an Arch Linux bug report at:

All points to libinput which provides “a library that handles input devices for display servers and other applications that need to directly deal with input devices.”. On snapshot 20180312 I have libinput 1.10.2 and xorg-server 1.19.6, so it looks like a fix is coming with libinput 1.10.3 or I could attempt to fall back to libinput 1.9.4…

On openSUSE (TW) it’s called libinput10 at 1.10.2, and curiously the same at the older 1.9.4. As luck would have it, after February’s instability and failures, I had re-installed TW from DVD and snapshot 20180218 which has the older package.

Having now downgraded just the one libinput package to

:~> rpm -q libinput10

my TW is back to normal (with workaround), so far without any Plasma crashing. Awaiting update to 1.10.3 for the real fix. Thanks go to the Arch Linux user postings referenced above. :slight_smile:


I’m experiencing exactly the same problem with Gnome 3.28.0 and the built-in Synaptic TouchPad on my Lenovo T430s. However, if I refrain from using the built-in touchpad and instead use an external USB (wheel) mouse it works like before the latest upgrades.

Sounds like , should hopefully be fixed in libinput 1.10.3 then which is on the way to Tumbleweed (should be in the next snapshot).

You can install it from the devel project for now, if you want to try it:
Although it might be in the standard repos in some hours anyway, at least in the next days…

Well, openSUSE-release 20180319-1.2 x86_64 did not solve the problem…

Snapshot 20180319 didn’t contain the libinput update (to 1.10.3) yet.

But it’s in now, according to

libinput (1.10.2 → 1.10.3)

==== libinput ====
Version update (1.10.2 → 1.10.3)
Subpackages: libinput-udev libinput10

  • Update to bugfix release 1.10.3
  • Fix a crasher triggered by a specific event sequence during
    3-finger gestures (and on some touchpads 2-finger gestures).
  • Fix the new pointer jitter detection. A bitmask got lost and
    the software compared 32 bits instead of only the 3 it ought
    to care about.

So please update your systems, and if you still experience crashes please file a bug report.

openSUSE-release 20180320-22.1 x86_64 did solve the problem.

I’m happy:)