Plasma crashes after upgrade from Leap 42.2 to Tumbleweed

I did an upgrade from Leap 42.2 to Tumbleweed today (I planned to do so anyway and did not want to move to Leap 42.3). I use a HP Elitebook 8440p with Nvidia graphics.

I followed the online update instructions, replaced the repos and did a zypper dup which worked fine. Right after the upgrade the system booted into a black screen with only a big mouse pointer. I then removed all NVidia drivers, and then the system booted into the login screen.

However, when I start a KDE Plasma session with my “old” user, KDE starts but then crashes: I see my desktop, it seems that KDE tries to open a notification at the right bottom corner, but then it crashes. I cannot click on the icons, and the control panel is dead. However, the one running app smb4k runs fine (I can mount shares and move the window). So, it seems something is working.

I renamed the .kde4 folder - no help. It seems so be a problem with some old config files.

When I create a new user KDE Plasma runs fine. And with my old user, ICEWM also works.

I would like to keep my old user, though, because I have a lot of files and settings (e.g. virtualboxes and stuff).

Any hints/help? Thanks!


42.2 and TW both run versions of KDE plasam5 not KDE4 so configs are not in ~/.kde4 they now live in ~/.config

Ok, right. However, any idea what might cause the issue? It seems to be something related to the nvidia driver or related to the switch from leap 42.2 plasma to the newer tumbleweed plasma version …