Plasma crash loses all desktop icons

Ouch. I just had a Plasma crash (KDE 4.2) that wiped out all of the links to applications that I had on my desktop and in the panel. What used to be a bunch of .desktop files are now 0-byte files with generic binary icons.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?


sounds like you might need to start again with a new .kde4 folder

but never had this happen myself

I have this same issue, see this thread:

Upgrade to KDE 4.2 - Widget issues - openSUSE Forums

But I find even if I remove the ‘broken’ icons they come back when I logout and back in?

Whats the .kde4 folder method? Do you just remove it? Anything need to be backed up?

What about the .kde folder?


These are in your hidden user dir

.kde (has kde3 config - leave this)

.kde4 (kde4 config)

If you have gnome or kde3 installed, login there to rename the .kde4 folder to .kde4old

When you login to kde4 next it will be like the very first time.

If you only run kde4, you need to logout to a CLI and do this:

mv /home/username/.kde4 .kde4old

(replaceusername with your user name)

Thanks I now have a ‘fresh’ desktop once again.

I guess this isnt really any different to creating a new user, I will get to work with restoring all my settings from the old .kde4 folder.

Unfortunately kde 4.2 also seems to have broken my suspend to ram, but I have another thread for that :wink:

Thanks again.

Good. Yes it’s very similar to new user, but not quite the same.

FYI. As soon as I have a nice setup with kde4 - I make a backup of .kde4

Proved very useful.

It’s just happened to me while I have been on this forum - even the backtrace was corrupted - so now I know what to do when I finish!