Plasma crash after upgrading to KDE4.2

I was running KDE4.2 RC1 for awail. Its working ok except some memoryleak in Plasma.

So i used Yast to upgrade to Final Release of KDE4.2
Now KDE want start(Desktop) because Plasma crash on every boot. I renamed .kde4 to .kde4.old ig this help, but no luck.
It seems the whole KDE4.2 is depended on Plasma because its not possible to uninstall Plasma.

I dont have a perfect gfx-driver since Ati driver is not working on my computer, so i use the vesa-driver. That meen no 3D or GL, but KDE4.2 RC1 did work in this enviroment.

I need some help here!
I need to use ALT+F2 to start web-browser. My whole desktop is gone.

i can say this plasma HAS BIG bugs in it i still use 3.5 i would recommend that till plasma is fixed

upgrading can be problematic for plasma… although you mentioned renaming and assuming that you can still get Alt+F2 to get krunner, try typing:

mv ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* ~/Backup

you could use the rm command if you don’t think you want to retain the old plasma config files(this is a more targeted approach if you are sure plasma is the culprit than renaming .kde4). Restart.

if this doesn’t solve your situation, double check that you have updated Qt4, start yast2, add the Qt4 repository Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt/openSUSE_11.1 (assuming you are using 11.1) and update.