Plasma consumes too much CPU!

hi all,
My laptop’s fan has taken mine attention because off its disturbing noise level. It was unusual when I checked the system info. It said that CPU speed 1.6Ghz (should have been 600Mhz, it was on-demand option) and CPU temperature was 60 degree Celsius.

When I checked system monitor, “Plasma” was consuming random CPU speed reaching 80%. I had upgraded to KDE 4.2.2 and enabled two widget (analog clock and calendar) on my desktop.

When I closed that two widget, plasma turned its normal CPU usage which is 0% at most time, and CPU speed 600 Mhz and temperature went to 42 degree.

I think there is no chance to use that widget on my desktop, doesn’t it?

I had the same problem. Its the calender that cause the CPU-problem. I haven’t found any solution, so we just have to continue ask in forum and Google!

> I haven’t found any solution, so we just have to continue ask in
> forum and Google!

it would be nice if someone would make sure there is bug filed on
it…otherwise, it will exist in 11.2 also…then, you could wait some
more months waiting and asking here and searching on Google, and
hoping the programmers stumble across and fix the bug…

(i’d log the bug myself, but i don’t plasma and do not have the problem…)

Andy Sipowicz

Somebody at the worldcommunitygrid directed me to this thread because boinc wasn’t running right. Closing the calendar widget fixed the problem. But its odd, it is not affecting my other pc at all. The other pc is very low spec and set up with bleeding edge packages. You would think that one would take a performance hit.

As I’m typing, all I can think of is that my legacy nvidia driver updated on this machine only. Maybe that was the problem?