[PLASMA] Can't manage favorites in Application Dashboard


Trying to switch to the application dashboard from application launcher, but for some reason I can’t add/remove anything in the favorites. Works fine with other App launchers though and the dashboard does show favorites if I set it up with another application launcher.
Tried to delete the content of ~/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/resources/ and also removed ~/.config/kactivitymanagerd-statsrc, rebooted, but the same problem.
Plasma 5.11.95, Nvidia 390.25 driver.

Short clip here: https://youtu.be/M6N3zJeSYqg

If you wouldn’t mind filing a bug report, it’d help yourself and the community. The KDE team is responsive and can help you sort through things, but we also need every bug report we can get right now in order to iron out Plasma 5.11.95 issues before the Leap 15 release in a few months

Sure, was hoping that its not a bug tbh :frowning:

I would probably wait with a bug report until 5.12 final though, which has been released today and is also already accepted to Factory.
So should be in the next TW snapshot.

Dang… 1079653 – Can't manage favorites in Application Dashboard

And in the future, please report such a problem at bugs.kde.org (in particular if it’s about Tumbleweed, which always gets the latest upstream versions anyway).

openSUSE only packages what the KDE developers release…

Btw, I can reproduce the problem with 5.11.95 here.

I’ll try with 5.12.0 final later (maybe tomorrow), I’m currently installing it…

Right, I was cross testing with my wife’s KDE Neon box with 5.11.5 was working fine, then upgraded to 5.12 just now and still works fine. Could not test with 5.11.95, but hope that 5.12 fixes this issue on TW.
I just upgraded my TW box btw, but haven’t seen KDE update (yet).

It’s not in the repo yet, but will be with the next snapshot.

Superb, will keep an eye out. Thank you.

JFYI, it indeed seems to work fine here now too after updating to 5.12.0 on my Leap 42.3 system.

Yep, the bug report has been marked as fixed too in 5.12. Hooray!

Yes, by me… :wink:

Well, then a big cheer for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t do much though.
Just testing it with 5.11.95 and 5.12.0, and then close the bug report… :wink: