Plasma applet for software updates reports error after upgrading from Leap 15.1

After offline upgrading from Leap 15.1 plasma applet for software updates reports error:

* repo /var/tmp/AP_0xquRDXh/repodata/susedata.xml.gz dd18a2d9b4df32f655e58fc2cd551e5411513a0ad232d0e499c8eb5aa50a0c5d is requested but 539c4eaba17e7d5fd66fa546e0c9577f874797312644f83042596e3fc78490dc was found!

Updating with zypper works fine. But, seems, zypper in first time reported this error too with more detailed message - in particular, that checksum for repos is changed.
How can I fix this problem?

The following command should clear your repo cache and allow it to be rebuilt

zypper clean --all


Thank you for reply.
I did:

sudo zypper clean --all


sudo zypper refresh

Here zypper reported error for NVIDIA repository:

Repository ‘NVIDIA’ is invalid.
[NVIDIA|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL

  • susedata.xml.gz has wrong checksum
  • Can’t provide ./repodata/susedata.xml.gz

I’ve deleted NVIDIA repo, and now the plasma applet works correctly!

The Nvidia Repo is building…

You get an 404: