Plasma Active on Acer Iconia w500

I want to get PA4 running on my tablet. Supposedly 12.3 works almost flawlessly out of the box. I tried 13.1, but the PA OBS isn’t compatible yet, so I downgraded to 12.3
A bit better, but not really close to flawless though…
Here are the problems I am having:

  1. Screen does not auto rotate - KrandR will rotate the screen, but it doesn’t rescale so only half the screen shows, and the touchscreen does not rotate, so input is impossible for a normal person.
  2. No multitouch at all - also no clear way to configure the touchscreen…I installed several different drivers, but none seems to affect the touchscreen function
  3. Bluetooth: Yast Hardware sees it and identifies it, but KDE bluedevil does not - “no adapters were found.”
  4. Maliit keyboard does not activate in GTK apps - I tried the fix here:
    but it did not affect anything
  5. Maliit does not work for kwallet or KDM - I have seen the KDM problem, but the kwallet problem is more critical…

I would be perfectly happy to use the Kvkbd instead (I actually prefer it since it has arrow keys)- it does work for GTK apps and kwallet, but I don’t know how to tell it to pop up when a text field is focused.

Any help on these issues would be very appreciated!