Plasma Active - KDE for Tablets. WOW!

I want this on my (currently) Android tablet. Looks amazing (and this is the pre-alpha)!

Plasma Active: New Taskswitcher and Applauncher - YouTube

yeah, Plasma Active is a great project and I really really hope that we will see it pre-installed on tablets in the near future. I definitly would buy one!

This shows how awesome KDE and the basis, qt and Plasma are. It makes it possible to create DE´s for big computers and small touchscreens, so to say with one base. Simply cool!

And it’s surprisingly smooth and running well on a Tablet as a pre-alpha.

While I would prefer it come pre-installed on Tablets, I’d be fine if they simply gave me a way to put it on my Tablet (Galaxy Tab) as a dual boot with Android.