Plasma 6.1 is missing the new RDP server

I was surprised when I couldn’t find the new RDP / server UI that was showcased on the KDE website.

What happened?

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I thought that only I was missing this feature.

Hos difficult is it to post link to this showcase so that everyone knows what you are talking about? Otherwise it is for the open chat, not technical support section.

To get RDP server part you need to install krdp6 package.

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The krdb6 package is nowhere to be found in my repositories.

My mistake! It’s krdp6 and not krdb6!

Maybe krdp6 should be a plasma recommended package.

Not really, the majority of users don’t use RDP, so it would be necessary.

We are forum members - we don’t get to make those decisions. Install what you require for your needs.


I see… okie dokie

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