Plasma 5 repository broken libKF5Baloo dependency

This might be an upstream problem in breeze-dark then.

The latest release of KDE Applications 15.08 might fix the problem with Dolphin. From the announcement from KDE it says Dolphin was ported to KF5.

No. It was ported in 15.07.90 (the 15.08 release candidate) already too.
Actually this is what causes the problem in the first place.
The dolphin in KDE:Applications for 13.2 is built against the libKF5Baloo1 included in 13.2, not libKF5Baloo5 from KDE:Frameworks5. (it got renamed when it became part of KDE Frameworks in 5.13)

The KDE4 version uses KDE4’s Baloo, not libKF5Baloo. So there’s no problem in combination with KDE:Frameworks5.

Thanx. It got a little bit clearer now.

FYI, a fix for this has been proposed today:

So it should be fixed in kactivities 5.14, which will probably be released next week or so.