plasma 5 issues

plasma 5.3. 0 both Scanlite and Xsane find no devices. Printer and Scanner are configured HP All-in one. Any suggestions?

How do I install screensavers, in kde4 it was kdeartwork-screensavers, but I believe that only works in kde4? Pretty awesome other than that so far. :slight_smile:

This cannot be :wink: I guess you mean Plasma 5.1.0 and KF5 5.3.0?

i guess it might be worthy to open a new thread about this specific problem, as it is not really plasma(5) related

xsreensaver support has been removed from Plasma5. so far there is only β€œplain” screenlocker. for plasma 5.2 it is/was(?) planed to bring back widgets support and various plugins into the screenlocker. but xscreensaver will not return, that is for sure :wink: