Plasma 5 - Desktop Context Menu missing entries for Create New section

Ok guys… Here is the issue. I have recently installed the Plasma Next DE, and though I find it satisfactory I am having a hard time to deal with a… some will say a minor nuisance, but it annoys me quite a lot. My Desktop context menu under Folder View is missing all of the entries for the Create New section. So I wonder now… Is it a known issue or is it just me? :slight_smile: I mean, under KDE4 you could add a template under /usr/share/kde4/templates folder and that would automatically add an entry into the Create New section of the context… Is there a way for that to be done under Plasma 5?

P.S I am using tumbleweed

As dolphin is still KDE4 based, it should work exactly the same way there.
Btw, you don’t have to add your custom entries to /usr/share/kde4/templates/, you could also add them to ~/.kde4/share/kde4/templates/ (create the folder if it doesn’t exist) to only affect one particular user.

For Plasma5/KF5 it would be /usr/share/templates/ or ~/.local/share/templates/.And it works fine here with both Plasma5’s folder view plasmoid and KF5’s file open/save dialog.
If it doesn’t work for you, it’s probably because kde-baseapps (which includes Konqueror, Dolphin, and those templates) hasn’t had a KF5 based release yet. You can get it from KDE:Unstable:Extra, the templates are in the package kde-baseapps5-libkonq precisely.
Just copying KDE4’s folder should work too though.

Thank you!! It works like a charm :)… Speaking of which… The Issue is closed I believe