Plasma 5: Can't use a particular color scheme with qt4 applications

I’m using the “openSUSE” color scheme, and I’m having troubles to set it to be used throughout all the system, I can’t apply it to qt4 applications.

It happens just for this particular color scheme, if I select, in example “Breeze”, “Oxygen”, “openSUSEdark”, they are applied even to qt4 apps.

In example, if I select “Breeze”, everything works correctly; then, if I change to “openSUSEdark”, all apps (even qt4) switch to this one; then, if I select “openSUSE”, qt4 apps does not have this applied, and keep using the last used theme (in this example “openSUSEdark”).

I’ve tried to copy the color scheme from “/usr/share/color-schemes/” to “~/.kde4/share/apps/color-schemes/”, but when I try to apply it, it gets deleted.

How can I solve this?