Plasma 5.23 and Desktop Cube

I gather that Desktop Cube and associated animations are to be dropped from Desktop Effects in Plasma 5.23, apparently on the basis that they are not much used.

Well, I use them, and I find their removal regrettable. Is there any point in protesting this???


The mailing list discussion seems to be concentrating on Wayland –

It should make it easier adding support for Vulkan; we could go one step further and perform compositing on threads, which should result in more stable frame rates on multi-monitor setups on wayland

Especially multiple monitor setups …
[HR][/HR]A while ago, I stopped using the Desktop Cube effect on a large 140 dpi monitor because, it didn’t seem to be behaving properly and, the standard settings for the short-cut keys only defined up to 4 Desktops.

  • I’ve now reactivated the effect and, it seems to be behaving itself – with 6 Desktops – a Cube.

Thank you. Concerns noted - I hope they bear fruit!


       K.J. Petrie                                                  2022-11-06 19:55:40 UTC                      It's available at and I have packaged it for PCLinuxOS. **If your distro doesn't package it yet either package it for them or ask someone to do so.** Of course, it's up to the distro whether they do.

Thanks to the developers for doing this. It’s really appreciated.

Who can get this done?! :nerd::nerd::nerd:

Great news, thanks!