Plasma 5.12 and Gtk Global menu support - is it possible?

Plasma 5.12 and Gtk Global menu support - is it possible to get them working on Leap 15?
In this tutorial instructions is:

It also works in conjunction with appmenu-gtk-module (or unity-gtk-module for pre-Gnome Ubuntu) enabling global menu for a wide selection of applications, including Gimp, Inkscape, Sublime Text, Audacity, and many more. There’s also a quite extensive mapping table for menu icons, although not all applications provide action names I can work with.

The code has just been merged so you can grab it from git right now or soon from your distro’s daily package repository. It sits in plasma-workspace/gmenu-dbusmenu-proxy. Please give it a try so we can iron out any glitches applications might expose! I’m curious to hear what applications you’re using and how it’s working out for you, specifically how they behave when run with and without the following additional configuration steps:
For LibreOffice you need to install libreoffice-gtk2 or libreoffice-gtk3 and then export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk (or gtk3). For Gimp, Inkscape, and others you need to install appmenu-gtk-module and export GTK_MODULES=appmenu-gtk-module (substitute unityfor appmenu in older versions of Ubuntu and KDE neon). GTK3 applications such as gedit and shotwell should work right away. What now needs to be figured out with distributions is how to achieve the best possible user experience out of the box.

I can not find appmenu-gtk-module witch to working with OpenSuse leap 15.
Witch module is compatible with Leap 15, or how to build from git?
Thanks a lot for advises.

according to your link the above GTK Global Menu requires Plasma 5.13 while LEAP 15.0 will remain on Plasma 5.12 so you can’t use it with vanilla LEAP
that being said there is a newer plasma 5 package available for LEAP users
which I believe currently is at plasma 5.13.90 so if you want to use the above tool you’d need to install Plasma 5 from the KDE:Frameworks5 repo
both appmenu-gtk2-module and appmenu-gtk3-module are available for TW which uses a compatible plasma 5 desktop
unfortunately appmenu-gtkx-module is not part of the kde packages so it hasn’t been build in the kde repo’s
what you could do is open a bugreport against those 2 packages and ask for a LEAP build for KDE:Frameworks5 users
or ask on the opensuse IRC
or the opensuse mailing list
or build it from the TW source packages (you can get the src packages from the links above) but before building don’t forget to do a full vendor change to all of the KDE development repo’s for LEAP (see link above)