Plan to release element-desktop in Leap?


For my first post here, I’d like to thank all the contributors, as I’m a satisfied (french) user of Suse and then OpenSuse for almost 20 years. :pray: :sparkles:
However, I’m coming to you because I’m quite surprised to see that there is actually no package for element-desktop in Leap. Today, it’s available for Tumbleweed users but not for Leap’s. On secured or professional devices, I cannot neither run Tumbleweed nor install community / non-official package.

I’ve read this release was already asked for in a previous topic (closed) since 2021… and even since 2017 in github issues.
Matrix/Element is beginning to grow in both scope and popularity. Even French administration recently adopts it with “Tchap”.

Is this planned to release element-desktop in Leap ?

Thanks by advance,

The Flatpak for it is unofficial.
You could try the TW package element-desktop in a distrobox:

Looking at the downloads page, they have official “community” builds for Debian/Ubuntu:

Should be easy enough with a debian distrobox, I’ve had bad luck with TW/Arch and other rolling release distroboxes, but that could be just me.

Hello and thanks for your answer @pavinjoseph !

Yes, the flatpak isn’t official.
Thanks for distrobox, i didn’t know about this tool. Indeed, it’s very comfortable from a UX point of view to be able to integrate “external” software so seamlessly into the native graphical interface.
But as I said, there are security concerns and precisely, other side of the coin is that far too close link between the 2 OS/systems. This implies security maintenance of 2 full systems that needs to access to internet just for a single software… and new end points & risks to manage.

I understand this solution can be perfect for some users but not in my situation so I ask again if core developpers see this : is this planned to release element-desktop in Leap ?

Thanks by advance,

This forum is not the right place to make such requests. Instead, please see


FWIW, I note unoffcial packages exist for openSUSE Leap

@deano_ferrari Hello, thank you for your answers.
Unofficial isn’t possible for me.
Sorry for the misplacing. I’ve open an issue : code#156. Hope this will retain some attention.

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