Plaintext Password

I just bought my first Linux computer, a laptop, with SUSE 10.1 . I am having a couple of problems that I think are related.

When I try to download pop mail, the mail server never likes my
password. When I try to connect to my linksys wireless router (I
can connect to other non-password entrance wireless networks) it does
not like my password. I know I’m typing it in correctly.

I read somewhere that SUSE doesn’t allow plaintext passwords. I went
through Yast and only found one reference in postfix which allows a
noplaintext option, but it’s not set that way, and it only affects the
email, not the router situation.

I’ve also tried two different pop servers and neither likes my
passwords so although there is plenty of talk of Linux pop problems
with Gmail for instance, I’m thinking it’s my laptop.

Can anyone help?


It has nothing to do with Linux. Linux doesn’t intercept what you are typing to an outside system and ban it if it looks like plaintext. The explanation is somewhere else. Sure you don’t have a keyboard problem?

Bear in mind that Linux strings are normally case sensitive. Are you sure that you are typing your password in the correct case?